Firstly, we would like to thank Drs Carifi and Zuberbuhler for their interest in our article.

We do agree with them that nowadays there is a tendency to use logMAR notation when reporting visual acuity results. Nevertheless, we would like to remind that the purpose of logMAR notation is not, in our minds, to express more clearly the visual acuity of a given patient, but to allow the statistical analysis of visual acuity data. In other words, logMAR notation should be used in any statistical analysis involving visual acuity data, and the decimal notation should not be used for this purpose.

On the other hand, and as we do in our paper, it makes sense to use the logMAR notation to perform the statistical analysis, and at the end show the mean visual acuity levels in decimal notation, because ophthalmologists are more friendly with this “classic notation”: decimal notation is especially useful in papers such as ours, in which the main result is the level of the unaided visual acuity reached with a surgical procedure. It is quite easy for any reader, if he or she wants to, to convert the visual acuity results expressed in decimal notation to logMAR by using a conversion chart.

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