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Media Type: Textbook (Soft cover)

Synopsis: Curbside Consultation in Cornea and External Disease is a welcome addition to the Curbside Consultation series. It follows the format of 49 clinical questions covering the common disorders of the subspecialty. Each chapter answers a clinical dilemma concisely by providing the essential information with illustrative photos and figures. The impressive list of authors is the major strength of the book, which fulfills its primary goal in assisting the reader with patients needing a curbside consult with a cornea specialist. It is a handy textbook that is easy and enjoyable to read.

Target Audience: Comprehensive ophthalmologists

Review: The Curbside Consultation series provides practical answers to common patient management issues for a number of ophthalmic subspecialties. The recent addition to this series, Curbside Consultation in Cornea and External Disease , includes 49 clinical questions that cover the spectrum of pathology representative of the field.

Dr. Price, a world-renowned thought leader and a pioneer in corneal surgical techniques, has enlisted a group of 65 international experts to discuss the clinical questions. These are grouped into 6 sections according to disease process: corneal degeneration and dystrophy, external disease and tumors, infection, contact lenses, trauma, and postoperative. The most relevant clinical dilemmas concerning cornea and external disease are addressed in a concise, practical, and easily understandable fashion. Each question is answered in 3-4 pages with accompanying high-quality images. The clinical entity, management strategy, and specific treatment options are presented. Tables and schematic diagrams are also included when relevant, and each chapter concludes with a short list of references.

This book is a handy and useful guide that certainly fulfills its purported goal: to assist in the treatment of patients for whom a curbside consult with a cornea specialist may be helpful. The major strengths of the book are the authors (international cornea specialists), format (realistic clinical scenarios), material (important and common pathology), management recommendations (up-to-date), and price (affordable). By design, the book’s size and scope is limited. It is not meant to be a definitive resource on corneal problems; therefore, the reader who desires such information should refer to a comprehensive cornea textbook instead. The main limitation of the book is that corneal refractive surgical questions are not addressed; perhaps this will be the topic of the next book in the Curbside Consultation series (ie, Curbside Consultation in Refractive Surgery).

In conclusion, Curbside Consultation in Cornea and External Disease is a welcome addition to the Curbside Consultation series. The book is enjoyable to read and can be used as a quick reference guide when needed in the clinic or alternatively as a study aid for exams.

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