We thank the authors for their interest in our recently published article. This study was strictly a microbiological study using data from the microbiology department. These data did not include any clinical information regarding etiology of endophthalmitis, visual acuity before or after treatment, or any administered antibiotics. Although the policy of our microbiology department is to perform sensitivities on all intraocular specimens, we do not have the capability of providing the type of clinical information requested by the authors. Specifically, we cannot correlate microbial resistance with final visual and anatomic outcomes. To attempt retrieval of this clinical information would be beyond the scope of this Institutional Review Board–approved study. We agree with Carifi and associates that it would be useful to correlate the administration of intracameral antibiotics at the time of cataract surgery with the isolates obtained from pseudophakic endophthalmitis cases. However, most of the specimens obtained were from patients referred by outside practitioners and the clinical data prior to arrival at our institution were not consistently available.

Other points of discussion included polymicrobial infections. In the current microbiological study, the total numbers of isolates were evaluated but we are unable to separate how many of these cases were polymicrobial.

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