Alex V. Levin

Thomas W. Wilson

Andrew Budning

Many diseases have both ocular and renal abnormalities. Metabolic disorders including cystinosis (Chapter 20: Metabolic, Figs. 20.1 and 20.2) and Fabry disease %(Chapter XX:, Figure XX.X) result in accumulation of intracellular materials within the eye and kidney tissue. Diabetes mellitus (Chapter 16: Endocrine, Figs. 16. 1 and 16.2) commonly causes damage to the peripheral blood vessels and results in retinopathy, nephropathy, and neuropathy. Hypertension also targets the eyes and kidneys.

Renal and perirenal tumors are associated with specific eye diseases. The phakomatoses (Chapter 23: Phakomatoses) have an association with ocular abnormalities and renal tumors, including renal cysts (tuberous sclerosis), pheochromocytoma (neurofibromatosis type I), and renal cell carcinoma (von Hippel-Lindau). There is also a strong association between sporadic aniridia and Wilms tumor.

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