Nasal Tip Surgery

Nasal Tip Surgery

Tatiana K. Dixon

Dean M. Toriumi

Creating a natural nasal tip contour is a complex task and requires a three-dimensional approach. The surgeon must have a clear understanding of what looks normal and which methods should be used to attain that natural contour. The lower third of the nose is composed of multiple subunits (tip, columella, facets, and alae), and the curvilinear surface transitions between these nasal subunits create highlights and shadows. Even the slightest concavity or asymmetry in the tip results in unnaturally positioned shadows, which detract from the person’s appearance on frontal view. When contouring the nasal tip, the surgeon should focus more on creating favorable shadows and highlights and less on narrowing. Simply narrowing the nasal tip may create abnormal shadowing between the nasal tip and alae resulting in a pinched-tip look. Careful consideration of the underlying anatomic structures and proper use of suturing and repositioning techniques in combination with cartilage grafting will help create favorable, natural-appearing tip contours that will better withstand the forces of scar contracture over time (1).

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