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Media Type: Textbook (Expert Consult Premium Edition – Enhanced online features, Print and DVD, 2-volume set)

Synopsis: This is a comprehensive and current 2-volume set that reviews every aspect of glaucoma from epidemiology, to pathogenesis, to diagnosis, and treatment. The text is written by a large international group of distinguished glaucoma experts, but edited in a uniform manner that brings cohesion and an easy-to-follow reading style to the many different topics covered in this comprehensive textbook series. The text is aided by very high quality and clear clinical photos, thoughtful diagrams, illustrative cartoon drawings, and an electronic online access subscription that is added value to the physically hefty textbooks.

Target Audience: Comprehensive ophthalmologists, glaucoma specialists, and ophthalmology residents.

Review: This is a comprehensive textbook that covers all aspects of glaucoma including the basic, clinical, and translational science of this eye disease. The well-organized and consistent formatting of the chapters make this an easy-to-read text and reference book from the medical student to the ophthalmology resident to the practicing ophthalmologist and glaucoma specialist. The information covered varies from more didactic glaucoma diagnostic and management chapters in volume 1 (Medical Diagnosis and Therapy) to practical guides on surgical procedures and complications in volume 2 (Surgical Management). The text is not only well-written and consistent in format throughout, but also includes high quality and informative photos and diagrams so this 2-volume textbook is also an atlas of glaucoma as well as a how-to text for surgical glaucoma management. The international scope of the editors and chapter authors provides for a comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma. The textbook is among the most current available with chapters ranging from the latest imaging technologies and surgical techniques to translational science reviews of future treatments for glaucoma, such as gene transfer and stem cell technology. Not only is the textual information current, but this textbook also includes an online version that provides for modern day searchable text searching so the hefty 2-volume set is easily accessible anywhere with an online connection. It is no surprise that this textbook received a honorable mention in the Clinical Medicine category for the PROSE Award (American Publisher Awards for Professional and Scholarly Excellence), which recognizes scholarly publishing – this is a practical, comprehensive, and current textbook that I will be frequently referring to.

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