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Media Type: Textbook

Synopsis: Anterior Eye Disease and Therapeutics A-Z is designed to be an easy to use, quick access guide listing a wide array of anterior segment disorders in alphabetical order.

Target Audience: Residents, optometrists, general ophthalmologists

Review: The 2nd edition of this text describes a variety of conditions presented as an index listed alphabetically. The authors have written a text that provides quick reference to numerous anterior segment diseases providing a clinical description with an outline detailing common symptoms and signs, incidence, significance, differential diagnosis, and management. The text has corresponding illustrations as well, highlighting clinical presentation of anterior segment disease. The authors have also included a new section described as condition grouping. In this section, the authors use diagrams effectively to highlight diagnostic features of similar anterior segment diseases. In addition, the text incorporates management icons, icons highlighting the potential treatment options for the described condition.

This 2nd edition of Anterior Eye Disease and Therapeutics A-Z offers a basic overview of a wide range of anterior segment conditions along with accompanying illustrations. It is recommended for residents, optometrists, and general ophthalmologists. It serves as a quick reference tool that can be utilized in the chair.

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