Surgical Anatomy of the Ocular Adnexa: A Clinical Approach, Second Edition

Media Type: Textbook

Synopsis: Anatomy lessons can be dry and boring. Luckily this anatomy text is more of a page-turner with its clinical correlations and clear illustrations. Since the days of Netter and Gray, ocular adnexal anatomy has come a long way, and many excellent atlases exist which give more in-depth description. However, as a clinic-anatomic text, few can match this book which will prove to be an excellent resource for anyone performing surgery in the periorbital region. Anatomic descriptions, illustrations and clinical knowledge are deftly combined. David Jordan, Louise Mawn, and Rick Anderson form an excellent team in bringing home clinico-anatomic lessons in a clear, concise manner.

Target Audience: Ophthalmologists and oculoplastic surgeons, in training and in practice

Review: This updated monograph truly combines anatomy lessons with clinical application. The book is clearly organized by anatomic consideration, complete with full-color illustrations which include cadaveric dissections and clinical photographs, as well as artist renderings, to underscore key points. Seven chapters are logically divided into 33 sub-sections, each tackling an aspect of lid and orbital anatomy in detail. For example there is a sub-section dedicated to “orifices” as well as “accessory extraocular muscles.” Each section is accompanied by a series of pertinent clinical pearls. At the conclusion of each chapter, there are suggested readings, from classic anatomic papers to recent studies providing clinical context.

David Jordan, as well as his co-authors, Louise Mawn and Richard Anderson, are leaders in the field of oculoplastic and orbital surgery, having published countless scientific papers, chapters and books in their combined experience and having taught a generation of residents and fellows. They have created a book that will be helpful to anyone looking to review or master orbital and lid anatomy. Simple, straight-forward depictions of the adnexal anatomy make this book very accessible to a wide range of readers. The descriptions are regularly followed by clinical correlation and accompanied by illustrations. The cadaveric dissection photographs are particularly clear and well-labeled.

I believe residents and fellows in ophthalmology and oculofacial plastic surgery, as well as practicing ophthalmologists, will find periocular and orbital anatomy much more accessible with the help of this book. Ophthalmic and facial plastic surgeons looking for an anatomic reference will appreciate the clinical applications and updates as well.

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