Rhinosinusitis—Appropriate Terminology

86 Rhinosinusitis—Appropriate Terminology

Rhinosinusitis is defined differently in children and adults according to the most recent EPOS 2012 conference summary.

86.1 Adult Definition

1. Inflammation of the nose and the paranasal sinuses characterized by at least two nasal symptoms. At least one nasal symptom should be from the group—nasal blockage, nasal obstruction, nasal congestion and nasal discharge (anterior or posterior rhinorrhea). The second group of symptoms, which are not essential, and of which, at most, only one counts towards the two symptoms required for formal diagnosis, are: facial pain, facial pressure, a reduction or loss of olfaction.

2. There should also be either (a) endoscopic signs of nasal polyps and/or mucopurulent nasal discharge primarily from the middle meatus and/or mucosal oedema/mucosal obstruction primarily in the middle meatus and/or (b) computed tomography (CT) mucosal changes within the ostiomeatal complex and/or sinuses.

86.2 Paediatric Definition

Similar to the adult definition except that in the second group of symptoms a reduction or loss of olfaction is replaced by the presence of a cough.

86.3 Chronic Rhinosinusitis

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