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Synopsis: The diagnosis and treatment of children with retinoblastoma have been incredibly successful since the past half century in improving survival and cure, eye preservation and, occasionally, functional vision in the affected eye (s). This book depicts a broad, comprehensive overview including differential diagnosis, natal/genetic testing and counseling, treatment, research, and future trends and research. It is essentially past, present and potential future of retinoblastoma. The editors enlisted 70 international specialists assumingly to ensure an unbiased book but weren’t completely successful. Nevertheless, this is the most comprehensive, updated review of retinoblastoma available that will fill a void in the oncology literature.

Target Audience: Pediatric Ophthalmologists and Ocular Oncologists

Review: Dr. Carol Shields has been one of the leading experts in the field of ocular oncology and principally retinoblastoma. Dr. Shields and her co-editor/author, Dr. Aparna Ramasubramanian, have assembled an international group of scientists and clinician authors, each of whom has contributed to this book in specific areas of expertise. The book is intended for any physician involved with the management of children with retinoblastoma, from the general ophthalmology resident in training to the most experienced ocular oncologist as well as pediatric oncologist or anyone involved in clinical or research activity in this disease.

The book is divided into seven sections including epidemiology/pathogenesis, clinical features, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, advanced retinoblastoma, pathology and supportive care further divided into 36 chapters. It covers literally everything related to the clinical care of children with retinoblastoma from diagnosis to management, and long term care. It is richly illustrated with more than 340 photographs. Throughout the book, emphasis is placed on visual rehabilitation, ocular prosthesis and psychosocial aspects. A useful addition at the end of the book is a detailed step by step systemic chemotherapy regimen and genetic counseling.

The information in the book is presented as a combination of multiple expert learned opinions and preferred techniques with an up to date review of the ophthalmic literature in this field. Much of the material presented is based on the work done at Wills Eye Hospital or in collaboration with Dr. Shields. The thoroughness of the authors’ review of the current knowledge is exemplified by several citations in the text however it appears that many people did not get the credit they deserved.

Criticisms of this book are few and minor. It shares the bane of many multi-authored texts- there are some areas of redundancy. The book bears a somewhat emotional undertone that can be justified by a potentially fatal disease in children. Although the text carries current knowledge exemplified by several citations, it appears that many people did not get the credit they deserved and occasional views may be taken as biased by those in the field of ocular oncology.

In summary, the void that existed in the ophthalmic literature regarding retinoblastoma has now been filled. This book provides a broad review on the subject but should be read with objectivity. This book will certainly be helpful to anyone involved in the care of children with retinoblastoma.

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