We really appreciate the comments regarding the differences between ethnicities, as Tan and associates indicated. Ethnicity should be taken into consideration depending on the working place; and, as the authors reflect, there are important differences between Chinese and white populations. Choroidal thickness and volume have been established in young adults, as well as the accuracy of the measurements performed by enhanced-depth imaging spectral-domain optical coherence tomography. It has been reported that choroidal thickness in healthy adults decreases with age, level of myopia, and axial length. Regarding differences between the regions across the posterior pole, choroidal thickness has been found to be thinnest in the nasal and inferior regions. The mean subfoveal choroidal thickness in healthy adults has been reported to be different among ethnic groups. Although healthy adults’ choroidal thickness has been thoroughly investigated, studies on choroidal thickness in pathologic or pediatric populations are limited. Normative databases are still needed, and we are working on it.


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