Radiology of the Orbit and Visual Pathways

Media Type : Textbook (Atlas style), Online text

Synopsis: The radiology of the orbit and visual pathways is a complex topic and this book offers a simplified description of anatomical pathways and their radiological and pathological correlates. There is a wealth of practical information with well referenced chapters. As a whole, the book is appropriate and very useful to students, clinicians, and surgeons from various disciplines. The online access feature including all illustrations can be found via which also includes the Medline link to references.

Target Audience: Ophthalmologist, radiologists, neurosurgeons

Review: Dr Dutton is an internationally-recognized orbitoplastic surgeon, well-known for his interest in teaching and expertise in describing surgical techniques with superbly described anatomical correlates. His prior Atlases of Orbital Anatomy and Orbital and Eyelid Diseases are filled with outstanding colored illustrations.

The author has successfully integrated imaging with anatomy and pathology in an easy-to-read format and a remarkably comprehensive, but not overwhelming, text that covers the orbit and the visual pathways. This atlas-type text has over 1000 figures and scans with explanatory text that is easy to read.

The book is divided into 6 chapters: physics of CT and MRI techniques, review of normal orbital anatomy and surgical landmarks, review of anatomy of visual pathways, review of the radiographic anatomy of the orbit and visual pathways, and an atlas denoting the most common diseases that affect the orbit and visual pathways with classic outstanding imaging leading to diagnosis

Perhaps the most unique value of this book is the superb medical illustrations provided by Dr Dutton, containing a wealth of practical information for both clinicians and surgeons. The color illustrations, tables, and neuro-images are extremely useful and so well-indexed that the information is “at-the-fingertips” of the reader. The references are complete with several dated close to the publication of the book. Medline access is a plus when the feature is used.

This comprehensive text in orbit and visual pathways will be useful to residents, fellows, clinicians, and surgeons in multiple disciplines. In summary, anyone that performs orbital surgery or is learning to do so should review the information presented in this text prior to venturing into the operating room.

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