Krupin T, Liebmann JM, Greenfield DS, Ritch R, and Gardiner S, on behalf of the Low-Pressure Glaucoma Study Group. A Randomized Trial of Brimonidine Versus Timolol in Preserving Visual Function: Results from the Low-pressure Glaucoma Treatment Study. Am J Ophthalmol 2011; 151(4):671–681.

In the April 2011 issue, two errors are reported in the above article:

  • 1

    In Table 3, the headers for columns 1 – 4 and 5 – 8 incorrectly appear as “Timolol” and “Brimonidine” respectively. The correct heading for column 1 – 4 is “Bromonidine: and for columns 5 – 8, it is “Timolol.”

  • 2

    In Figure 4, the lower Venn diagram value incorrectly appears as “T 29 B 47.” The correct value is “T 29 B 46.”

The authors regret these errors.

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