Cataract Surgery, 3rd Edition

Media Type: Textbook, with DVD, and On-line text (requires activation)

Synopsis: Dr Steinert has put together a group of associate editors who are among the great cataract surgeons in the world. Cataract Surgery uses a classic textbook format, supplemented by an included DVD covering dozens of individual clips, with voiceovers by the surgeon, and an on-line version hosted on which has the entire print content that is searchable. The listing of contributing authors is a veritable “who’s who” of international cataract surgeons. Readers will find coverage of virtually every topic from embryology to the most up-to-date techniques. It will be a particularly good reference for anyone early in their training, or a master who teaches cataract surgery.

Target Audience: Cataract surgeons

Review: Dr Roger Steinert has been a leader in cataract and refractive surgery for nearly three decades now. He has been among those who have helped us incorporate new advances into the already excellent toolbox that we have been granted for the surgical treatment of the anterior segment. He has prevailed on his associate editors, all of whom are among the great cataract surgeons in the world, to assist him producing the 3 rd edition of Cataract Surgery . This edition also comes with a DVD of dozens of individual intraoperative clips, with voiceovers provided by the surgeon who filmed each clip. In addition, the owners of the print volume can access an on-line version of the book through , which has a handy search function.

Readers will find coverage of virtually every topic from embryology to the most up-to-date techniques. The 58 chapters are arranged in pretty much the same order as a surgeon thinks about a case, from evaluation through pre-operative care, through surgery, and then complications. A particularly enjoyable chapter is on the highly topical issue of cataract surgery after previous refractive surgery. The book ends with consideration of innovations and future trends, written by Dr Robert Osher. Each chapter is relatively short, so that if one looks up a single topic and is directed to a chapter, reading the entire chapter may only take 10 to 15 minutes. Usually that chapter also has some video on the DVD to emphasize a point made in the text.

The DVD is easy to install and use, and works both for PCs and Macs. There is some variability to the quality, both in the video and the voiceovers, but some of the clips were compelling. In watching a particularly difficult nucleus removal, the viewer reflexively is relieved when the posterior capsule is discovered to be intact!

The searchable on-line feature is very robust, and one can even search by the names of authors in the references. In some cases the photos appear to reproduce better in the book than on a computer screen, but the numerous line drawings are great to review on-line.

In summary, this 3 rd edition of Cataract Surgery helps the cataract surgeon keep up-to-date with the ever-changing field, while still providing the background necessary for the beginner. Surgeons in the beginning of their training to the masters teaching cataract surgery will find this book to be an excellent reference.

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