Case Reviews in Ophthalmology

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Synopsis: The diagnosis of medical conditions and the management of these conditions is the basis of all fields of clinical medicine, and the field of Ophthalmology is no exception. Case Reviews in Ophthalmology does an excellent job of merging these two tenets in an accessible format. Utilizing a mixture of case histories and complementary photographs of many of the “bread and butter” conditions that an ophthalmologist may face, Case Reviews in Ophthalmology asks the reader pointed clinical questions and then provides thorough discussions in response. It is sure to benefit ophthalmologists-in-training and seasoned ophthalmologists alike.

Target Audience: Ophthalmologists and Ophthalmology Residents and Fellows

Review: Drs Friedman and Kaiser are both well-known and well-published experts in the field of Ophthalmology, being professors at Stanford and Cleveland Clinic, respectively. Combined, they have many years of both clinical experience and teaching experience, and as such are good resources for a review manual of clinical cases. Case Reviews in Ophthalmology is best-suited for Ophthalmology residents and fellows, but is also helpful for the practicing ophthalmologist who is looking to brush up on his/her knowledge.

The book is divided into six sections (Optics/Refraction, Neuro-Ophthalmology/Orbit, Pediatric Ophthalmology/Strabismus, External Disease/Adnexa, Anterior Segment, and Posterior Segment). A total of 116 cases are presented, the majority of which include complementary photographs. Each case begins with a short history which is followed by a series of clinical questions about the case. Occasionally, follow-up information relating to the case is presented with subsequent follow-up questions. The answers to the clinical questions are then provided for review on the back of the page. The book also includes both an index of the included cases and the usual index of all topics for quick search.

The only criticism of this book is that, due to its nature, it is only able to cover a limited slice of the very broad field that is Ophthalmology. Regardless, it accomplishes its purpose of presenting many different and interesting cases in a good variety of Ophthalmology topics. It seems that it would serve best for helping those preparing for their Oral board exams due its similar style of presentation and thought process, though it would need to be supplemented by a more thorough source.

In summary, Case Reviews in Ophthalmology provides a large number of cases in a good variety of topics and poses pertinent clinical questions followed by succinct discussion. Anyone who desires to review their ophthalmology knowledge in a case-based manner would find this book very useful.

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