Case 6


Case 6

[Johnson\, Calvin M., Jr. and Thompson\, T. Luke]

Major Deformity

Over-projected tip

Minor Deformities

Under-rotated tip, short mesial crura, tip deviated to right, bony-cartilaginous hump


This 33-year-old woman with a history of recurrent sinusitis and rhinitis complained of nasal obstruction that was worse on the left side. She also desired cosmetic improvement of the nose ( Fig. 6.1A–H ).

Fig. 6.1 (A–D) Preoperative photos of patient.

Analysis of Preoperative Photos

The tip is over-projected and under-rotated with short mesial crura and a large pedestal. It is slightly deviated to the right. There is a large bony-cartilaginous hump. The skin/soft tissue envelope is thin.

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