Case 10


Case 10

[Godin\, Michael S.]

Major Deformity

Under-projected tip

Minor Deformities

Deviated tip, alar retraction


This 49-year-old woman presented having undergone two previous rhinoplasties as well as a series of steroid and calcium hydroxylapatite (Radiesse, Merz Aesthetics, San Mateo, CA) injections. She desired a straighter, more defined and projected nasal tip ( Fig. 10.1A–H ).

Fig. 10.1 (A–D) Preoperative photos of patient.

Analysis of Preoperative Photos

The tip is under-projected and deviated to the right side, where the dome is much lower than its counterpart on the left. The right ala is retracted with unnatural peaking of the right nostril.

Interval from Surgery to Postoperative Photos

1 year

Fig. 10.1 (E–H) Postoperative photos of patient.

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