Case 3


Case 3

[Cochran\, C. Spencer]

Major Deformity

Over-projected tip

Minor Deformities

Dorsal hump, asymmetric dorsum, broad tip, counter-rotated tip


A 29-year-old woman complained of nasal airway obstruction and desired correction of her bulbous and over-projected tip and removal of her dorsal hump ( Fig. 3.1A–H ).

Fig. 3.1 (A–D) Preoperative photos of patient.

Analysis of Preoperative Photos

Dorsal hump. Tip is counter-rotated and over-projected, which causes the nose to appear excessively long. The excessive convexity of the lateral crura contributes to a bulbous tip and external valve collapse where the lateral crura meet the accessory cartilages.

Interval from Surgery to Postoperative Photos

1 year

Fig. 3.1 (E–H) Postoperative photos of patient.

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