Case 14


Case 14

[Hamilton\, Jason S.]

Major Deformity

Asymmetric tip

Minor Deformities

Bilateral tip bossae, over-projected tip


This 53-year-old woman had a rhinoplasty at age 18 for treatment of a deviated septum, large dorsal hump, and over-projected nasal tip. In the years following surgery, the patient developed progressive nasal obstruction and worsening tip asymmetry, with visible cartilage irregularity ( Fig. 14.1A–H ).

Fig. 14.1 (A–D) Preoperative photos of patient.

Analysis of Preoperative Photos

The tip is over-projected. The patient’s thin skin reveals bilateral tip bossae and a visible cleft in the infratip lobule that extends between the medial crura. The medial and intermediate crura are twisted and asymmetric. The left lateral crus is concave.

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