Supraciliary Microstent Surgery

Supraciliary Microstent Surgery

Steven D. Vold


Microincisional glaucoma surgery is quickly becoming a popular surgical option in the management of glaucoma. Ike Ahmed coined the acronym MIGS to describe what he termed micro-invasive (or minimally invasive) glaucoma surgery. Per his definition, MIGS has the following characteristics: (1) ab interno surgical approach; (2) minimal tissue trauma; (3) superior safety and low complication profile; (4) at least modest intraocular pressure (IOP) lowering efficacy; and (5) rapid patient recovery. Currently, the only FDA-approved supraciliary microstent surgery available to surgeons is the CyPass microstent (Alcon Laboratories, Fort Worth, TX) (Figs. 29-1, 29-2 and 29-3). In the near future, the iStent supra (Glaukos Corporation, Laguna Hills, CA) will potentially be another supraciliary device available to ophthalmic surgeons.


Instrumentation and Supplies

• Lidocaine 1% or tetracaine 0.5%

• Intraocular acetylcholine or carbachol

• Direct surgical gonioscope (modified Swan-Jacob, Hill or Alcon Vold goniolens)

• Ophthalmic viscosurgical device (OVD)

• CyPass loading and insertion devices

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