We appreciate the comments and interest in our study by Drs Tan and Cheong, and this opportunity for replying to them.

First, it is true that we measured the choroidal thickness at a single point subfoveally, which could be a limitation of our study. Fortunately, as Drs Tan and Cheong as well as our original article cited, Ohsugi and associates reported such topographic variations. Despite some topographic variations, there is a consistent tendency of increased choroidal thickness after cataract surgery.

Second, the refractive change after cataract surgery might have some influence on the measurement of choroidal thickness. However, we consider that the influence should have been too small to affect our conclusion because we confirmed that the change in central retinal thickness subsided after 3 and 6 months while the change in the choroidal thickness sustained for a long time. The different change in the retina and the choroid cannot be explained by refractive change after surgery.

With the aid of image registration and tracking and with another recently published report with the same conclusion, we consider our results reliable.

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