We thank Dr Rao for the interest in our article. Dr Rao found it surprising that the mean intraocular pressure (IOP) and range of IOP were not significant risk factors for visual field progression in the primary angle-closure glaucoma subgroup without acute angle closure. Our article actually stated that mean overall IOP was found to be a risk factor for visual field progression, both in univariate and multivariate analyses. We agree that the mean overall IOP in eyes with prior attacks of acute angle closure were probably higher because of acute spikes of IOP. We believed that it would be artificial to disregard the initial IOP and consider only the average and range of the rest of the IOP measurements in the assessment of risk for visual field progression in primary angle-closure glaucoma. It also was difficult to define the end of an acute episode in patients with a variety of presentations. Unfortunately, because of the limited sample size and retrospective nature of our study, we were unable to ascertain other IOP-related risk factors in primary angle-closure glaucoma eyes that progressed.

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