We appreciate the interest in our study by Dr Bayhan and his associates, and this opportunity to reply to them. We evaluated our data on intraocular pressure (IOP) retrospectively to reply to their comments.

As Bayhan and associates indicated, it is true that cataract surgery decreases IOP and increases perfusion pressure. However, it has not been clear whether the small change in IOP after cataract surgery can affect the choroidal thickness. In the literature, a drastic reduction in IOP (ie, more than 10 mm Hg) changed the choroidal thickness. In our study, the mean (SD) reduction in IOP from baseline to 3 months postoperatively was only 0.59 (2.19) mm Hg. Therefore, the increase in choroidal thickness after cataract surgery might not be able to be explained by IOP reduction alone. Other factors, including inflammation and activated metabolism, may also be responsible for the change in choroidal thickness. We hope these speculations on the mechanisms will be addressed by further studies in the future.

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