Recent Literature on Epicanthoplasty (in English)

Recent Literature on Epicanthoplasty (in English)
Author S Ma Y Lee, E Lee et al. SD Lin
Year 1996 2000 2000
Journal Zhonghua Yan Ke Za Zhi 32(3):194–196
Epicanthoplasty during double-fold eyelid operation
PMID: 9590860
Plast Reconstr Surg 105(5):1872–1880
Anchor epicanthoplasty combined with out-fold type double eyelidplasty for Asians: do we have to make an additional scar to correct the Asian epicanthal fold?
PMID: 10809119
Br J Plast Surg 53(2):95–99
Correction of the epicanthal fold using the VM-plasty
PMID: 10878829
Country PR China Korea RO China, Taiwan
Skin incision Various epicanthoplasty performed in 183 cases Anchor epicanthoplasty, used for out-fold crease (parallel crease shape), anchoring medial end of incision to deep tissue VM-plasty with three V-flaps
Skin 38 cases (shuttle form), 120 (cuneiform), Z-plasty in 25 cases Trimming skin
Orbicularis And soft tissue under medial fold
Orbital septum
Preaponeurotic fat
Crease form Parallel crease Outer (parallel)
Effectiveness 183 cases, performed together with double-eyelid procedures 67 cases; 28 cases followed. Disadvantages include technical difficulty and chance for active bleeding as stated by authors. Blends into medial end of parallel crease Used alone in 8 cases, with double-eyelid procedure in 51 young patients, and with upper blepharoplasty and crease procedure in 26 cases
Comments Three techniques depending on severity This technique is based on the concept of trimming of muscle and soft tissue under the Asian epicanthal fold and downward medial advancement and anchoring of the medial canthal skin to the deep tissue. Avoids incision over medial canthal skin (medial to the medial canthal angle) Redness of incisions was common but all faded away within 2–3 mth

Recent Literature on Epicanthoplasty (in English)
Author Y Yang, HM Zhang et al. H Zhang, H Zhuang et al. SK Yi, HW Paik et al.
Year 2006 2006 2007
Journal Zhonghua Zheng Xing Wai Ke Za Zhi 22(2):130–132
[A new method for medial canthoplasty combined double eyelid formation]
(article in Chinese)
PMID: 16736618
Plast Reconstr Surg 118(4):900–907
A new Z-epicanthoplasty and a concomitant double eyelidplasty in Chinese eyelids
PMID: 16980849
Aesthet Plast Surg 31(4):350–353
Simple epicanthoplasty with minimal scar
PMID: 17486401
Country PR China PR China Korea
Skin incision Performed with double-eyelid procedure Z-epicanthoplasty
Orbital septum
Preaponeurotic fat
Crease form
Effectiveness 86 cases; 67 cases followed up. Designed for parallel shape crease 230 cases together with double-eyelid procedure, included congenital and traumatic medial epicanthi. Followed 67 cases. Stated that it is suitable for all types except epicanthus inversus 52 cases, 2 showed a depressed scar on the lower lid
Comments Suitable for mild to moderate epicanthal folds, all except epicanthus inversus Mild scar in early postop period, then fade into gray–white line

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