Pediatric Trauma: Preoperative Considerations

Pediatric Trauma: Preoperative Considerations

Erin O. Schotthoefer, MD


  • Pediatric ocular trauma occurs at a rate of 3.3-5.7 million children annually.1

  • Boys are more likely to injure their eyes than girls, and different mechanisms of injury occur more commonly in different age groups.1

  • High-risk activities include those that involve projectiles such as air-powered guns or sharp projectiles such as darts. Injuries can also occur at a higher rate during sporting events, related to bungee cord use or secondary to airbag deployment.1 However, the majority of pediatric open globe injuries occur at home.2

  • Determine the mechanism of injury by history, if possible, to guide examination and treatment considerations. Pediatric trauma is unique because children may not be reliable historians and the injury may be unwitnessed.


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