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Synopsis: This book is an exquisitely well-written review of the pathogenesis, epidemiology, and natural history of retinal detachment, as well as the principles of retinal detachment repair. The authors offer a carefully considered synopsis of the literature enriched with pearls from their vast clinical and surgical experience. Particularly impressive is the concise, rational and impartial discussion of the several vantage points on methods of retinal detachment repair. Ophthalmology trainees and practicing ophthalmologists alike will enjoy and treasure this textbook.

Target Audience: Ophthalmologists

Review: Drs. Brinton and Wilkinson in the newest edition of Retinal Detachment-Principles and Practice have produced a concise treatise on retinal detachment pathogenesis, evaluation, prevention and management which impresses with its carefully considered discussion of the finer points.

Throughout the book information is presented in an impressively concise manner, appealing to the novice as well as the expert retina surgeon. All aspects of retinal detachment are covered in the book’s two parts: the initial section covers the ‘ principles ’ and a second part covering the ‘ practice ’. The former commences with a brief historical overview and proceeds with a discussion of the pathogenesis of retinal detachments including the peripheral retinal lesions that result in retinal detachment and then elaborates on the principles of evaluation–including an entire chapter on the principles of ophthalmoscopy. Finally, the first part overviews the various entities in the periphery that are related, unrelated, or simulate retinal detachment. The second part discusses prevention of retinal detachment and the commonly employed techniques of retinal detachment repair.

Clinical photographs are representative examples and of excellent quality and illustrations are accurate in general and greatly illuminating. Recommendations are made based on careful consideration of the scientific literature (evidenced-based) augmented by the authors’ vast clinical and surgical experience. Controversy is acknowledged, where it exists, and the multifarious vantage points are presented in an articulate, logical and impartial manner. This is no small feat for a topic such as repair of retinal detachment- where strong opinions abound- and is best accomplished in the chapter discussing selection of surgery which is truly a gem! Ophthalmology residents who spend a weekend reading this book will gain a solid understanding of the subject, while vitreoretinal fellows will also vastly benefit from the many practical tips the authors provide.

In summary, Drs. Brinton and Wilkinson should be congratulated for producing a superb book that belongs on the bookshelves of every practicing ophthalmologist with an interest in retinal detachments and every ophthalmology trainee.

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